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       zhejiang donling limited by share ltd located in zhejiang, jiaxing, was founded in 1993december, registered capital of 50000000 yuan, is a wholly owned subsidiary of hangzhou iron and steel group. the company is a diversified enterprise donlim to trade circulation, hotel, real estate as the main body. after many years of operation exploration, has become a large-scalecomprehensive strength of the state-owned enterprises in jiaxing area. the company headquarters by 11 trade departments and three management departments, and features in the shanghai and hangzhou areas of subsidiary company. the subordinate companies ofproperty hotel, real estate, units mainly engaged in the guest room, dining, business office, real estate investment, development and property management business. the company of the main business of electrolytic copper, pta, ethylene glycol, methanol, wire, steel, iron ore, paper pulp,coal business. manufacturing and tianjin rolling three steel corp, shandong xinhua special steel group, zhejiang dejia new materials limited by share ltd, shaoxing yuan          sheng copper industry limited company and other major manufacturers have business cooperation. the company based on the traditional trade actively to expand into new areas, the import-export business, import and export trade will become one of the direction of the future development of the company.

       sun shine hotel is the only urban areas five star hotel, 23 storeys high, is a comprehensive set of rooms, catering, moderno hotel, shopping, entertainment and leisure as one of the. the hotel has 217 rooms, the kangle facility can accommodate 400 people dining at the same time,multi-functional banquet hall, style characteristic of the cafeteria, and more than 10 conference rooms, swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, boutique shopping malls and other facilities. the hotel has been appraised as excellent stars hotel, zhejiang province, zhejiang province, the first batch of "green hotel" title, zhejiang province public health advanced unit, jiaxing "top tentourist star hotel" honor.

       donling jiaxing city real estate development co. ltd. is a specializes in the development andfine property of the real estate company, the company with "donlim property, creating the classic" concept, to the ideals of humanism as a guide, in the property development, follow ahand grasp quality, grasping of the service concept. has developed a donlim tian guan fang,donlim, donlim, sun mei wan garden, park and donlim jewel residence development, won the "zhejiang province the first batch of the satisfaction of the public integrity unit", "jiaxing cityconsumer trust real estate company" honor.

tel: 0573-82189788      fax: 0573-82063742    address: no. 2608 jiaxing road of fudi square central city of zhejiang province, 12 floor

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